Guided GOOSE Hunts


1 Day Guided Hunt

In-And-Out Goose Hunt

$375 Per Hunter

2 Day | 2 Nights

Premium Goose Hunt & Lodging

$1,150 Per Hunter

Multi-Day Goose & Upland

Combo Bird Hunt & Lodging

$1,550 Per Hunter


El Presidente

$2,700 Per Hunter

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Tule Creek Outfitters is located in Tulia, Texas about one hour south of Amarillo and one hour north of Lubbock. Transportation to and from either airport can be arranged for your convenience.

Day 1 - Arrival

We prefer first time guests arriving before 6PM the first night to get settled in at Tule Creek Lodge and shown around the grounds.

Day 2 - Hunt Preparation

Hunters usually have breakfast at around 6-6:30AM (if desired). Breakfast is on your own, but we can give your directions to different places to eat.

Day 2 - Afternoon Hunt

Many hunters enjoy lunch in town. Hunting usually resumes around 1:30PM and we will continue to hunt until limits are reached, the hunters are ready to “call it a day” or legal shooting time expires.

Day 2 - Bird Care & Dinner

Complimentary bird care will commences while dinner is prepared and served to all guests. If time allows and parties desire we will gather around the fire pit for celebration and story telling.

Day 3 - Morning Hunt & Departure

Head out for our hunting location around 5AM depending on drive time. Breakfast on your own. Will will usually hunt until noon, of course that is dependent on reaching bag limits. Guest will depart shortly after the morning hunt and bird care midday.


You will benefit from habitat management that has been incorporated in farming operations to provide for large populations of pheasant and quail. Hunt cultivated cropland, shelterbelts, CRP land, rangeland and playa lake bottoms for the ultimate in upland bird hunting.

Goose Populations

The high playa lake density, grain crops, and timely rain can create a paradise for migratory birds in the central flyway.


We encourage hunters to have an open mind when booking a goose hunt and waterfowl hunt. The guides and scouts will do there best to find you your favorite quarry, but at the end of the day migratory birds can show up or leave in the middle of the night.

Migration Disclaimer

If you book a crane hunt in mid November and just prior to the hunt there is big cold front and most of the cranes leave, but the duck and goose hunting is good. We recommend letting the guides make the decision on what to go after, but it is your hunt and we will do whatever the customer wants to do. We just try to be as honest and straightforward as possible.

Tule Creek Acreage

Playa lakes of the High Plains are temporary wetlands that play a crucial role in the migration of up to 2 million waterfowl each year. Playas are very wide-ranging, and all vary from one to another. Most are relatively shallow, but cover and vegetation are diverse.

Land & Game Experts

Experienced guides with a string of seasoned pointers (for pointing birds) and labs (for flushing and retrieving) make for a great experience afield. During almost every hunt you will hear someone say, “Wow! I just like being out here to watch the dogs work.”